Our products and services are geared towards Pagan, New Age & Metaphysical retailers. Whether you are an Brick & Mortar, or an online estore, we have a solution for you.

Do not be disappointed with another recycled-useless-and out of date lists from many companies on the web, Our Niche Wholesale is precisely different and unique. We, unlike any others on the web, do not bombard you with hundreds of hundreds companies which you can search on the search engines with a few clicks. We absolutely do not resell to you all lists with “complete reprint and resell rights” wholesale directory list on the internet today. This is not exactly of what we aim to be for our goal in business- to simply provide you with the best source for quality wholesale suppliers, drop shippers,  for your Niche Market.

All you have to do is click on the wholesale merchandise companies of your choice and you will be taken that company’s website. With all the Niche Wholsale Lists listed below we hope that you will find the right company for you.

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Pagan / New Age Wholesale Guide
Our Buyer’s Guide gives you hundreds of wholesale sources for the best giftware, books and music. Whether you’re a retailer, auction site seller or just someone looking for a great deal, WE HAVE compiled the Internet’s leading directory of Pagan/Newage wholesalers to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. This is the most complete and current mind / body / spirit guide to wholesalers in this industry. If you own a retail store or buy wholesale, please contact the following companies for gems, jewelry, minerals and new age products. A retail certificate and federal tax ID number are required, and most companies have a minimum order.

Celtic Marketplace Wholesale List
Irish gifts become more popular every year. It is hard for many Celtic shops to remain in business since Irish items are to find, but with our wholsale you can shop for all of the Irish gifts you desire and usually find better prices on unique and common Irish themed products.

Native American & Southwest Suppliers
The wholesale source for Native American gifts, souvenirs, crafts & related items,  Wholesalers of  Bumper Stickers, General Gifts, Decals, License Plates, Key Chains, Ceramic Tepee & Coyote Incense Burners & much more…

Renaissance  / Gothic & Sword Wholesale Guides

Affiliate Lists Made Simple
If you are interested in making money online, joining an affiliate program is a great option. Pagan Webmasters is the best resource on the internet to find an Pagan / New Age / Metaphysical affiliate program relevant to your websites audience. Owning a Pagan/Metaphysical business is a wonderful and unique opportunity that more and more people are seeking to discover. A complete listing of Pagan / Wiccan / New Age Affiliate Programs — earn referral fees by simply linking to others web sites. No investment, no stock, no shipping, no hassle from customers. 9 pages over 100 New Age / Metaphysical/ Pagan affiliate programs.  Our directory lists the best affiliate programs available on the internet that will allow you to maximize your income. Browse our easy-to-use affiliate program directory or our educational articles which are written by our expert team of super affiliates.

Get Them All
Get All of our Wholsale Lists for one low price.  With ourt Wholsale Guides , you can easily reach to the wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, importers, exporters, favorite products’ lists, cheapest products’ lists, the specials, etc. and many useful information about drop shipping.