• Marketing Your “Witchy” Business

Marketing is the art of making someone want something you have.

In these days of greater self-sufficiency, companies are selling goods and services which further their programs as well as bring in revenue. The art of doing that successfully involves marketing. Their indirect marketing is alternatively known as image-building, friend-raising, membership development, community relations, political activities, or citizen education. It's all marketing. I find that the concept is hard for most pagans to wrap around; they have a tendency to feel “if we build it they will come”. I am here to tell you it takes elbow grease, shoe leather, and persistence

Much of this information can be easily found on the internet for free doing hours and hours of research. Some is general in nature and goes for both mundane and magickal businesses. The information here is on how to market, not start a business nor is it a magick pill to make your business instantly take off. What it is, is a manual on how to market your “witchy” business. I think these conventional & unconventional ideas should get you thinking

Marketing Your “Witchy” Business

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