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Limited display banner adverts at the bottom of 30,000+ pages on our network of websites. These are made up of our own banners, community banners, good causes and paid banners advertising relevant websites/businesses. This page describes how to advertise your website/business as a paid banner on Pagan Webmaster network

Banner adverts are small graphics advertising your service or business. By buying banner adverts on our sites you can ensure that your pagan service or business is advertised to the right audience.

Your banner will be displayed in rotation with the other banners in the system on the the Pagan Webmaster network.

What do I need?
You need a banner graphic of size 470×80 pixels and a website to link this to. We are also able to serve rich media banners should you require this. Can be gif, jpeg, jpr, or png   If you need a Banner made, try this FREE Banner Maker http://www.bannerfans.com/banner_maker.php

Advertising is sold on a monthly basis.
To have your banner shown for a period of 1 month will cost $10 Subject to a minimum purchase of $10 worth. Spend $55 in one transaction and receive 6 months.  Spend $100 in one transaction and receive 1 year.   Agree to post our banner code on your site and recieve 1 year for $50 (email us for more information)

Who can join?
Anyone with a Service or Business which is relevant or of interest to our audience may apply to join the scheme. In order to ensure that banners are relevant to our target audience we reserve the right to refuse admission to the scheme at our discretion.  Includes, Pagan, new Age, Wiccan, metaphysical, Occult and more... If you are not sure email us

Please email info@paganwebmaster.com for more information. If you are a member of Pagan Shop Online Marketing Program you banner is free

Certainly, we are open to discussions of other sponsorship, support or advertising ideas. Please send a E-Mail with your proposal.

Banner Adverts

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