Wiccan E-Store Pre-loaded 6000+ Products

6000 Products 299.99

Wiccan eStore, which provides an out-of-the-box customizable storefront to get your online site up quickly. Features 6000+ Wiccan Products for $159.95, includes install and custom banner.  The website features a standard template (one of your choosing) with a custom designed header to fit your store name. Everything you need to start making money online inside of a week! We include copies of files you need to upload, (Shipping, Conditions of use etc.)


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Full inventory included!
Want your own wiccan e-store or online gift shop? We provide the website and reliable access to inventory via a reputable wholesaler for only $159.95 USD . Your website comes fully loaded with Five thousand plus products of inventory items – it’s set up and ready to go!

What is drop shipping?

Imagine you have a website that sells thousands of items but you don’t actually have any of the inventory in your house or stored at a warehouse. How does that work, you ask? Someone else has the inventory so when you get an order through your website, you simply pass the order details onto your wholesaler, and then they’ll ship the order out for you with your labels so your customer never even realizes that the package did not come directly from you! To make money with this scheme, you simply need to mark up the prices of the products so that what you pay your supplier is less than what your customers pay you! The wholesaler that supplies the products for these online gift stores gives a 40%- 55% discount to all wholesale customers – all you need to sign up is a valid Tax ID or SIN.

What’s different about our template stores?

Our template stores come fully loaded with inventory from a reputable wiccan and gift supplies wholesaler. No need to spend weeks or even months inputting items AND you don’t have to search around for wholesalers to figure out who does drop shipping. We’ve already done that for you! Our e-store comes fully loaded with over eight thousand quality items that are ready for sale immediately. We also provide scripts that will keep your store inventory up to date each night – so you don’t have to! This is an amazing feature that we’ve recently implemented as we were finding that customers were having a difficult time keeping their store inventory up to date with what the wholesaler had in stock. In addition, your e-store is completely flexible to allow you to add your own products or products that you find from other suppliers – we provide full support on how to do so.

  • Inventory automatically updates each night to reflect what the wholesaler has in stock
  • We will set up your PayPal payment processing
  • We will set up your shipping options so they reflect exactly what the wholesaler charges – so you won’t lose money on shipping
  • We will import ALL Categories and Products into your store
  • We create a completely custom header for you site that reflects your store image and name
  • We customize template colors and fonts

We are the leader in online e-store templates. This is because we will help to support you and your online store until well after the site launch AND we will make sure that your store is fully functional so that you can be successful. Beware of “Web Design Companies” offering cheap imitations of what we offer!

What your store comes with…

  • Fully secure hosting and secure e-commerce environment
  • Banner ad management system
  • E-Newsletter Capabilities
  • Content Management – easily manage all your own content
  • Inventory Management – you can add your own products to the store in addition to the wholesaler’s products
  • Additional payment processing modules available
  • And much more!

It is that easy.

Please remember, that you will have the whole of the internet to make sales from, as well as all the auction sites, such as eBay, and Amazon, etc. A truly gigantic market-place.

Your Website.

Your Wiccan website will be set up to make it very easy to use, even without any technical knowledge. Your website will be installed with a full inventory of products, ready for you to make profits from.

Join Now, and your business will be up and running inside 48 hours

As you have already seen, we offer you one of the easiest and fastest ways to start your very own mystical website business, promoting cut-price products to a very large market-place. Your website will be installed and activated inside 1 hour from now, no matter what time of the day, or night. Your own home business.

Our website prices are the lowest in the industry for such a professional package, and support system; and you will have the back up from a company that is at the pinnacle of online, website solutions. Please click the join now button below and by the time you have had a cup of coffee, you will become the proud owner of your own pagan business: