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Pagan Retailer is a conscious lifestyle, bi-yearly business-to-business magazine serving a broad range of retailers in the fast growing and lucrative pagan, new age, metaphysical & occult marketplace.  If you own, manage, or buy for a retail outlet of books, music, and other products oriented toward new age, metaphysical, holistic views, spirituality, healing, health, and self-discovery, Pagan Retailer can contribute to your success.

Pagan Retailer is the leading source of news, trends, developments and management how-to for retailers in the pagan, new age, metaphysical & occult marketplace. Every issue of Pagan Retailer provides informative, topical articles and features dedicated to helping you grow your business in a manner that is consciously sound and proactive.  A proven and practical tool, the Pagan Retailer can empower your business!

Pagan Retailer introduces manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors to the pagan, new age, metaphysical & occult marketplace shop owners and buyers interested in the mind-body health-oriented industries enjoying strong economic growth.  And you will be pleasantly surprised at our comparatively low rates.



The Pagan Retailer is published twice a year, at the times when you most need them:

• Fall (September)
• Spring (February)

If create, manufacture, or wholesale Pagan, New Age, Metaphysical products. this is the place to advertise

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