Developing an effective advertising campaign is easier said than done, but understanding a few key principles will put…A simple guide to marketing, strategic business planning, advertising and promotion and sales lead generation, for small New Age / Pagan / Metaphysical businesses especially. With tips and techniques for advertising and PR, for non-marketing managers, and for marketing and advertising professionals too; this is marketing and advertising made simple. Also some easy tips on website design, internet advertising and marketing.





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New Age / Pagan Internet Radio/Podcasting Site List
New Age / Pagan Media and Publications list
New Age / Pagan Music Publishers Site list
New Age / Pagan Book Publishers Site list
New Age / Pagan Reviewers Site list
New Age / Pagan Retailers Site list
New Age / Pagan Distributors Site list
New Age / Pagan Trade Show Site list

Marketing Your “Pagan” Business
Hosting a Pagan Event.
Start Your Internet Business RIGHT
Business Plan Evaluation
How Marketing Can Impact Sales

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